KGO NewsTalk 810 has decided fill-in host Pat Thurston will get the weekend slot made available after John Rothmann was promoted to the 10 p.m.-to-1 a.m. slot last week. She’s been doing substitute hosting at the station since 2007 but has a career in broadcasting dating back to her days in the Army when she hosted a TV show. Her resume also includes employment by the Secret Service. She live in Marin county with her husband and 6-year old triplets.

Thurston’s show began this morning (Sept. 19) and air Saturdays from 1-5 a.m. and Sundays from 1-6 a.m.

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  1. She lost me last year when she said (and I quote) "THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS EVIL". The subject was priests abusing young boys. I'm sure that many, MANY other leaders of different religions abuse youngsters, too. Most by Catholic priests? Probably. Because there are more Catholics than members of all the other different religions. That doesn't mean that the Catholic church is evil. Sorry, Pat, if you're on KGO when I turn on the radio, I turn it off. Silence is better than listening to you.

  2. Well, at least I can get some sleep on the weekend nights now. John Rothman was always so interesting and had such a great voice, I just wanted to hear everything he had to say. Now, with Pat, not so much. Her voice is just annoying, especially when she is "outraged", which is most of the time.

  3. Her recent claims about Brigham Young University treating basketball star Brandon Davies unfairly are extremely misguided. She insinuated that the motives behind kicking Brandon off of the team stem from a historical racist treatment of African Americans. While the Church's history in race relations is highly controversial, the most recent incident of honor code violations and subsequent dismissal from the basketball team have NOTHING to do with race. I suggest that Mrs. Thurston stick to objective talk radio and not try to stir up contention towards a Church that is, and has been for the duration of my 26 year life, completely unbiased and fair towards all of its members.
    I just happened to be listening last night and was appalled by Mrs. Thurston's treatment of the situation in Utah. Anyone who continues to believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is racist in its doctrine obviously have no understanding of what we believe.

  4. Although Pat normally is quite knowledgeable of the topic of which she is presenting, if a caller disagrees with her, she interupts the caller and her voice goes up several octaves and the speed increases. I believe the caller should be given more consideration. Everyone is entitled to an option whether or not you agree with it.

  5. Pat's show is the best progressive show in the air. Pat is easygoing and intelligent and does not constantly make her show feel like bickering argument that some talk show hosts are like.

    She is not arrogant and egotistical like the conservative talk show hosts, and she is not sloppy and silly like many of the liberal hosts. She has some fantastic guest on her show to whom she asks intelligent questions and is not mean to listeners who do not deserve it, and not mean enough to the listeners who do.

    What I like about the Pat Thurston show is the courage it takes to ask some plain simple questions sometimes and she does not pretend to know everything.

    I would like to hear more of Pat Thurston who really does have a good temperament for this job and does a great job by encouraging and developing a real dialog with her listeners. That middle of the night thing on weekends is pretty hard to listen to and follow and she is good enough and unique in her progressiveness that i think she will go far in radio if given the chance!

  6. I was thrilled when I first learned Mrs. Thurston got the weekend overnight. She is always prepared and researches her topics. She is very intelligent and speaks well. As a side note: The fact that she is a veteran gives her opinion on the industrial complex more credence. Three cheers for Pat!!

    -Mark Groesbeck
    Clovis, CA

  7. I am amazed that we assume Christine Craft was passed over for the job. I have not heard it from her. As much as I love Christine Craft on the radio, I have no idea if she is available/truly wants a regular gig on KGO

  8. if Pat is a bit less-often giddy, and keeps the discourse substnative, she'll be OK.

    Seems like KGO is just filled with white Jewish males: Ronn Owens, Len Tillem, Dean Edell, Gil Gross, John Rothman, Marty Nemko, David Lazarus (I think), Bill Wattenburg. Man! Jews are abou t2% of the populatio of the US, and male jews are, therefore, 1%. Yet just about all the heavy hitters on KGO 810 are jewish males. Wow! what a credit to the Jews! (By the way, I'm not Jewish, just giving credit where it is due) .

    then there was Michael Savage, who left, and Laura Schlesinger (not male, of course) who also moved on.

    once again: wow!

  9. Pat Thurston sounds like a left-over girls' schol would-be intellectual who talks too fast, too much and intersperses occasionally with unpleasant guffaw/giggle

  10. They're both awesome, as is Mrs. Smothers. Davis Lazarus is also awesome.
    Gene Burns …meh
    Rothman …meh
    Dr. Bill…terrible
    Gill Gross…ok
    Ronn Owens…good when not trying to discuss politics

  11. I disagree with the previous comment. I think Pat Thurston is a far better choice than Christine Craft. Pat is very well informed, interesting and not at all bullheaded like Chrisine. Congradulations Pat! I look forward to listening to your show.

  12. Wish I could say that I'm pleased, but I was hoping they would hire Christine Craft who seems so much more polished and infinitely better informed. Well, at least KGO has hired a female and I guess that's something to applaud.

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