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FM stations swap frequencies

At 5 p.m. Friday, Clear Channel moved alternative-rock Channel 104.9 to 92.3 FM.

KSJO 92.3 had been airing the syndicated La Preciosa format of Mexican oldies. Apparently CC plans to put La Preciosa on 104.9, but at the moment there’s just a tape-loop announcement telling Channel 104.9 listeners to switch to 92.3.

Both stations (KSJO 92.3 and KCNL 104.9) are part of Clear Channel’s San Jose cluster, which the Department of Justice has directed the company to sell off when CC went private. Clear Channel has placed them in what’s called the Aloha Trust LLC as the company looks for a buyer.

The 104.9 frequency in the South Bay has been a Spanish language station on and off since 1983. From 1983 until 1997, its call letters were KBRG and it aired Spanish music, talk shows and broadcast the Oakland A’s in Spanish. In 1997, the station was purchased by the Jacor chain, which moved its classic rock K-FOX format from 94.5 to 104.9.

A year later, Jacor moved K-FOX to its current home at 98.5, and switched 104.9 to a modern adult contemporary format that eventually became Channel 104.9, a full-fledged alternative rock station in January 2001.

But in January 2006, CC dropped Channel 104.9 for the Enamorada format, which was supposed to attract 25-54 Latinas. A year later the ratings had plunged by two-thirds and CC brought back Channel 104.9 in Feburary 2007. For the first year or so, it seemed the station had no live talent.

Now that the Channel 104.9 format is parked at 92.3, the station’s new name is Channel 92.3.

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