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Streetsblog hires full-time Muni reporter

Streetsblog San Francisco is one of those blogs that does original reporting rather than just using the material of other publications. It has a small staff that interviews people, digs into records and covers hearings. What a concept!

As the name implies, Streetsblog covers transportation in San Francisco.

Today Streetsblog announced that it has hired a full-time reporter to cover Muni, which seems to make more than its share of news.

“Considering the often difficult time we have getting the MTA [SF Municipal Transportation Agency, Muni’s parent] to cooperate with our requests, it became crystal clear that the only way we can really cover Muni is to have a full-time Muni reporter. That time has come,” writes Bryan Goebel of Streetsblog.

The new reporter is Michael Rhodes (pictured), “who surpassed our greatest expectations in his role as a Streetsblog intern,” Goebel wrote.

That brings the number of full-time reporters at Streetsblog from two to three, and Goebel tells us the blog has plans to hire a reporter in Oakland and San Jose in the next six months.

Streetsblog reported that the hiring of Rhodes was made possible by a donation from software entrepreneur andn Muni rider Jonathan Weiner. (Photo credit: Myleen Holero via Streetsblog.com)

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