SF Appeal has posted a memo Chron Metro Section Editor Audrey Cooper sent to her troops in which she says:

    “You are going to smash whomever is naive enough to poke their noses in our market. Bring it on!”

Cooper didn’t mention F. Warren Hellman’s $5 million Bay Area News Project, but what else could she be talking about? Certainly SF Appeal, headed by Eve Batey, thinks Cooper is talking about the Hellman project.

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  1. Hyperlocal media has a future on the web, but SF Appeal isn't much to write home about.

    That said the Chron had better realize that firing most of your newsroom isn't exactly going to leave you in the position to smash the competition!

  2. Hey, if the intend to "smash" new media by putting more effort into investigative stories, expanding local coverage and following up on same, more power to the Chronicle. Win-win for all. If, on the other hand, the Hearst goons want to "smash" by underbidding advertising and limiting distribution channels, that's a bad thing.

  3. If only the Chronic was as interested in providing local news coverage as it seems to be interested in 'smashing' competition, Mr Hellman would Hardly Strictly need to put his money into a new news organization. Maybe the Hearstians should buy a 30 percent equity stake in Hellman's new news operation. It seems to be what they're best at, now that they don't care about journalism anymore. I recall the vain glorious days not so long ago when little Willie Hearst's minions promised us a paper comparable to the NY Times if only we'd let his family spend nearly a billion dollars to buy the Chronic. So sad, so sad.

  4. Looks like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times need to start shaking in their corporate boots. Gee, who knew the Chron had any life left at all.

  5. Now Hellman is telling Forbes Magazine that his project may include funding from the City of San Francisco. Public funding for a journalistic outlet that is supposed to provide better coverage of government and local politics?

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