In comments to Editor & Publisher, the top editors at the Chron, Examiner and Bay Area News Group said they don’t consider the new twice-a-week Bay Area section in The New York Times or its Bay Area news blog to be a threat.

    Chron’s Ward Bushee: “They have 10 people covering a very large, competitive area. We have a full staff much larger than that covering the area … All it means to us is that there is a lot more competition, which is a good thing. I welcome it.” Ex’s James Pimentel: “Newspaper readers will be happy to have another option … But the Examiner is going to continue to excel in covering local news. We will continue to provide the best local news. We concentrate on local news.” BANG’s Mac Tully: “I wouldn’t say it is a threat … But this is a competitive market and this will elevate the level of competition. It just makes everyone work harder. You have to.”

E&P gives updated circulation figures for the NYT in the Bay Area: 40,080 daily and 57,514 on Sunday.

Bay Area Media News

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