The Chron’s SFGate is now posting the Twitter feeds of other media outlets in the Bay Area including the Mercury News, its rival. Even though a 2006 court order has kept Hearst and MediaNews from combining operations in the Bay Area (Hearst owns 30% of the MNG outside the Bay Area), SFGate lists the Merc as one of its many contributors (scroll down to “Other Local Media”). Here’s an SFGate page of Merc links. And often links to Merc stories are featured on the first page of SFGate.

Bay Area Media News


  1. This way reporters for BANG papers can write home to mom & dad and tell them that they're being published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Beats telling them that you work for the Singleton Gazette in some no-name suburb.

  2. The Chronicle's reporting is generally much better than the Merky-Noods, so one wonders why they would link to that junk. The other TV sites aren't much better.

  3. It's very interesting. Do twitter blurbs constitute news?

    If they do the implications are pretty interesting. SFGate and other sites also put up twits from local TV and Radio stations such as NBC 11 and KGO radio.

    The next question is, do twits that get their information in part or entirely from say A.P. violate the A.P. use contracts?

    Good story to bring up, thanks for mentioning it on the blog.

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