Dozens of UC-Berkeley students occupied a campus office building Friday and thousands demonstrated outside over a student fee hike, but the AP had to cover it without its Berkeley bureau reporter Michelle Locke.

Locke, a 24-year veteran of AP, was laid off this week, according to Erin Carlson of Silicon Valley Insider.

The 8th Ld-writethru of the protest story at 9:29 p.m. Friday had no byline.

AP said it laid off 90 news employees worldwide this week to reach its goal of cutting annual payroll costs by 10%.

Gawker has been putting together a layoff list with tips pouring in from across the country. One Gawker tipster wrote: “The national desk was simply eliminated.”

One of Locke’s specialties was coverage of the wine industry, and her loss was quickly noted by others.

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  1. Locke is one of the best. She'll land on her feet OK. Bet the wine biz grabs her.
    The truth is the AP gets most of its news from retooling newspapers. Looks like that MOST will soon be ALL.
    The real hit for news was the virtual death of UPI a long time ago, with the public hardly aware. This gave AP a monopoly on gathering and distributing news. Looks as if the block bully is getting a spanking.

  2. An example of Dean Singleton running another business into the ground. Not content with destroying most of the newspapers in the Bay Area, lean Dean now runs the AP, and it's being run the same way as the Oakland Tribune, LA Daily News or Denver Post.

  3. This is a big loss to the AP's regional report. Michelle was a pro who could cover any story with intelligence and insight. Some of her best work was during the 2001 energy crisis.

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