Brian Banmiller (pictured), former business editor at KTVU Channel 2, has been named chairman of a new company that will help amateurs sell video that they shoot on their cell phones to TV stations.

 The company — called fizwoz (with a lowercase f) — also announced it has tapped former Channel 2 news director Andrew Finlayson for its advisory board. After leaving Channel 2 in 2004, Finlayson headed up digital media for the Fox Television Stations group. Currently he’s a Knight Scholar at Stanford.

Here’s a release about the new company.

Bay Area Media News


  1. Anonymous No. 2, I don't know which station you work at, but we use VNRs every day of the week. We credit them in the Chyron, and follow all of the accepted rules, but we still use them. And we use quite a bit of video from the public. I don't know if this finwoz will work (it seems like just another website to check each day), but we've got fewer local crews now than we did a year ago and the same amount of air time. We've got to get creative about obtaining good video.

  2. Most TV stations won't touch so-called VNR's (video news releases) from even legitimate organizations such as the Mayo Clinic.

    To assume that news directors will use generic video shot by amateurs in the age of High Definition broadcasts is highly unrealistic.

  3. Word to the wise… something roughly along these lines was tried a few years ago. tried to play middleman, selling amateur video to news outlets. But they charged exuberant rates. The news organizations by and large turned their back, and it faded quickly into little more than a site of little more than web links.

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