This item is from the Santa Barbara Daily Sound, a bit out of the range of the Press Club blog, but still interesting. The Sound’s publisher, former Palo Alto Daily News managing editor Jeramy Gordon, is apologizing for a guest opinion piece by a Santa Barbara resident who called for a “bounty” on President Obama. The following is from Gordon’s apology:

    There’s no excuse for why the article was published. The column is indefensible and the proper measures have been taken to ensure such hatred is never published again.

    We would like to apologize for breaking the trust of our readers. Even if the assassination of our president wasn’t Perry’s intended meaning — which she claims — it’s a conclusion that many highly educated people came to.

    To be clear, neither Perry nor the Daily Sound offered a bounty. And the Daily Sound would never advocate for the assassination of our president or any other person.

Good thing they’d never do that. Ouch!

Bay Area Media News


  1. Advocating violence against any president is unacceptable. I about this paper is really repentant. Why are they continuing to print her column?

  2. When liberals called for Bush's assassination, I don't recall any criticism in the mainstream media. Somebody even did a movie about his assassination — and it got a good review in the Chronicle. So I don't see the point of this faux outrage.

  3. Perry's invective, in a mccarthy-like style, should be punished. There should be limits to this kind of column. It's pure hate speech.

  4. Simply an excellent op-ed. Bravo Gina! Bravo to the publisher who will continue to print her column. Boo to the left-wing censors out there. You know who you are.

  5. If Gina Perry had written "reward" rather than "bounty," would she be OK in the minds of progressives/liberals? I ask because her column was simply a response to liberal who put a bounty on the head of the national chamber of commerce.

  6. When she wrote about gun-toting rednecks "I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with that," I realized I was wasting my time reading this dribble. The guest opinion was just a bunch of name-calling, not worthy of any newspaper.

  7. This newspaper shouldn't exist. Santa Barbara residents are hopefully canceling their subscriptions in droves. This is tottally outrageous!!!!

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