With the roll out of ESPNBoston, ESPNDallas and ESPNChicago and, on Monday, ESPNLA, we’re wondering when the Worldwide Leader in Sports will launch a Bay Area Web site.

The Press Club found that ESPNSF.com was registered by ESPN, Inc., 935 Middle St., Bristol CT 06010-1001 on Jan. 16, 2009. Somebody else has the ESPNBayArea.com URL.

Meanwhile in the Southland, ESPNLA.com is snapping up talent from the LA Times, LA Daily News and Sports Illustrated as it prepares to launch, according to The Big Lead.

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  1. ESPN owns sports talk stations in markets like Dallas and Boston. I wouldn't expect to see ESPN spend much money on the Bay Area unless it acquires a radio station here. And that's unlikely since we've already got 2-3 (depending on how you count them) sports talkers here already.

  2. CSN is taking on ESPN in all the markets they have a CSN operation, why do you think they hired Mychael Urban and Matt Stiementz???

  3. Every station in the market has cut back on sports. When advertising fell so drastically last year, it was the first thing to go. Dropping a sports segment doesn't affect the ratings a bit. And at 6, it probably helps to have no sports.

  4. if this is the future of our local sports sections, god help us … what about preps? what about rec sports? local atheletes?

  5. as somebody who actually works in local TV, i can tell you that sports drags down our ratings. a few years ago, pix looked seriously at dropping local sports altogether. a consultant hired by cbs said that was the way to go. pix didn't do that, but look at what ktvu 2 has done … on weeknights, mark ibanez comes on at :58 to do 55 seconds ?? how long is that going to continue? course, they're doing a full weather segment at :45, so that pretty much explains it.

  6. You guys don't know what your talking about. The Bay Area is considered a light sports market. Very little fan base for teams here unless they're winning big. It's why local franchises are always looking at moving.

  7. ESPN will succeed in every market where it hires local writers to cover local teams. Take a look at the crappy Comcast Sports Bay Area site http://www.csnbayarea.com/ … you've got has-beens like Michelle Smith and Ann Killion essentially "phoning it in" and writing stuff that anybody could pick up from listening to KNBR for 5 minutes.

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