Rosie Allen, after 25 years at KGO-AM 810, has given up her afternoon news anchor post.

“Rosie has been a terrific anchor, a dear friend and a great representative for KGO Radio,” News Director Ken Berry said in an e-mail to the station’s staffers. “We plan to continue using Rosie in commercials, personal appearances and as a fill in for talk. We will have an on-air send off for Rosie in the near future.”

Her broadcast partner for many years was Greg Jarrett, who was laid off in January (and a few months later landed at WGN-AM in Chicago as its morning man). Rosie’s broadcast partner since then has been Bret Burkhart. No replacement for Allen has been named.

She began her career at KNEW in Oakland, and then moved to KNBR Radio. In 1977, she became public affairs director at KGO-AM’s then sister station, KSFX-FM. Later that year she went on the air at KGO as a weekend host. In 1984, she started co-anchoring the afternoon news. In March 2009, her 25th anniversary at KGO was marked with an on-air tribute. (Photo credit: KGO-TV)

CORRECTION/UPDATE: Yesterday the Press Club blog used the word “retire” to describe Rosie’s plans, which is incorrect. She’s just giving up her afternoon news gig, and will continue to be heard on KGO in the future. In fact, she’s scheduled to be Ronn Owens’ guest on Wednesday from 11 to noon, where she might expound on her future plans.

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  1. I'm my Aunt Rosies nephew. I was living with my auntie in 1984 around the time when the new studio was built on Front Street. Everybody in the family was so happy for aunt rosie and she made my life with her so full of "special". I could always find my auntie ( no matter where in the Bay I was ) Mon. thru Fri. from 4 to 7 – with Ed. I'm going to miss your beautiful voice aunt rosie!!

    wuv wink

  2. What a dismal line up for the new KGO…….Melanie hurts my ears. Rosie was a breath of fresh air. I'm glad I don't own stock in KGO………it's on it's way……way down.

    Ronn will be lonesome, poor guy…wish he'd join the others to move on.

  3. Rosie,
    We've moved away from the Bay Area,but every time I see a National Enquirer or other tabloids on the magazine rack, I'll always remember your WONDERFUL voice each Friday afternoon saying,"And now, it's time for your terribly..tacky..tabloid..trash." I'll always remember it was you that broke the news that Michael Jackson had married Lisa Marie Presley.

    You will be missed

  4. They should replace Ronn with Rosie. She's a better interviewer with a lot more insight. Ronn's really been doing the same thing for too long.

  5. Rosie was the best thing to happen to KGO 🙁 she will be missed
    I loved driving home in the evenings & listening to her
    this is definately KGO's LOSS

  6. Rumors rumors rumors shall run wild,
    Rosie Allen and Melanie Morgan will be styled
    In cynics' clouds and by admires' adoration.

    Hey Rosie, Colorado hearths seeming more long term attractive to you now, weather notwithstanding?

  7. Love how Rosie is saying she is "redirecting", not actually retiring. She is an inspiration to all us baby boomers who are planning to retire or have retired and are redefining our lives. Best wishes, Rosie.

    – long-time listener before "redirecting" and no longer commuting

  8. It's like losing a dear friend! A wonderful commute with Rosie on the air! My favorite moment was when she couldn't complete her newscast (or anyone else) because the news story was about an injury of a man who was repairing his tractor mower while it was running and he was under it. Without going into detail I remember her only saying "I won't touch this". I think they had to break to commercial….

  9. I have worked with Rosie since the KNEW days 40 years ago or more. She is a class act, if you can't tell. She will be missed in the KGO newsroom.

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