An update to our item last week about the Bay Guardian’s fight to collect a $21 million judgment against its rival, the SF Weekly, and the weekly’s parent company, Village Voice Media (formerly New Times). The Chron this morning put the story on page 1 and gave Village Voice Media’s reason why it’s not paying up. Randall Farrimond, a lawyer for Village Voice Media, said his client is looking ahead to a state appeals court hearing, perhaps late this year, that could overturn the entire verdict. “It’s not surprising that they’re not eager to write a check for the judgment until that process works its way through,” Farrimond said.

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  1. Both papers are a joke, trafficking mainly in hooker ads and very thin reporting that reinforces the biases of their readers. Kind of like what Faux News is to Republicans, a vehicle that reinforces their beliefs and forgets that it's supposed to provide NEWS.

  2. The Press Club should post Warren Hinckle's expose on the Guardian. It showed Brugmann was a liberal when he editorializes, but a union-buster when it comes to running his own business.

  3. Yes, but if a loosing party appeals without posting a bond for the judgement then it is very legal for the winning party to begin collection even during the appeal. VVM brought this on themselves.

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