SF media blogger Rich Lieberman interviewed KPIX weather anchor Roberta Gonzales and could hardly contain his enthusias. Here’s his first question:

    Rich: So, Roberta, you are considered one of the most popular, jovial and sorry, yes, “HOT!” weather predictors in the Bay Area. What’s your secret?

    Roberta: “HOT?” Hahahaha! It is believed I have been consistently forecasting weather full time on television longer than any other woman in the country (since 1982). So, to be considered “HOT,” well, I’ll take it! Let’s just say, my two sons keep me active, my love for the sport of triathlons and Marathons keep me fit and I have been blessed with my mother’s “Native American Indian” skin.

Gonnzales is married to Sharks play-by-play announcer Randy Hawn. Lieberman wanted to know if “you and Randy ever have an argument, do you threaten him with “Honey, keep it up and I’m spending another hour on ‘doppler radar?”

    Roberta: Actually, Randy is never in town long enough for me to have an argument with. Plus, have you ever heard him yell out, “He shoots, he scoressssss?” With pipes and a voice like that, I never want him screaming at me!

    Rich: Give us a typical work day; when do you wake up? When do you get to work? The works?

    Roberta: My day begins at 7 a.m. so I can spend time with my boys before they head to school. I then jump online and check the weather. Depending on the day, if I have no charity or speaking commitments, I am training for triathlons or marathons. Six times a week, I either, swim, bike or run. I also strength train at the gym. There is the typical grocery shopping, running of the errands, I try to figure out what the heck to wear to work and then the 40 mile drive into San Francisco. I usually arrive by 2:45 p.m. and have my first KCBS radio weather report at 3:18 p.m. I am on the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts as well as the 10 and 11 p.m. newscasts. I usually leave the studio at midnight and arrive home shortly before 1 a.m. I hit the sheets around 2 a.m.

Then Rich circles back to his first question.

    Rich: OK, I hate to break this to you, but … YOU are considered very attractive by a lot of guys, men, whatever … how much fan mail do you get?

    Roberta: Am I hotter than my BFF and co-anchor Juliette Goodrich? Hahaha!!
    OK … but please remember how very diverse the Bay Area is! I probably receive as much e-mails from my women viewers as I do the men! Hahaha! I receive roughly 500 e-mails a day ranging from “are you married” to “where do you buy your clothes” to “what is the difference between rain and showers?” to my favorite … “My Grandfather loves watching you. Can you please send him an autographed picture? He is too old too type, so I am placing the request for him.” Hahaha!!

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Is she a meteorologist (weather girl) or a climatologist?

    Any advanced degrees?

    Like most weather girls and weather boys, does she not "believe in" climate change?

    Your interview sucks. So does she.

  2. When Roberta first started at KPIX, she had too many hand gestures as if she were channeling Vanna White. She has come into her own and I really enjoy watching her. The Ch. 5 news team with the friendly banter back and forth between Ken, Dana, Roberta and Dennis reminds me of the old KRON team of Pete Wilson, Pam Moore, Steve Raleigh and Gary Radnich. Ch 2, 7, 11 are way too stiff and don't seem to like each other like the 5 team.

  3. Roberta is an acquired taste. She was too brassy and loud when she did mornings, but she's a good fit at 11 p.m. She's the last woman a lot of guys see before they go to sleep at night.

  4. Baker, you are so wrong. Evelyn Taft (KRON morning news) is No. 1 followed by KPIX's Tracy Humphrey (very low key about her hotness).

  5. Enter caveman mode: Roberta's kinda cute, but I wouldn't say hot. In terms of local weather forecasters, I gotta go with Sandhya Patel as hot. For the male-preferring audience, I've always liked Steve Paulson.

  6. I used to hate Roberta on the morning news. Not sure why. Probably because she was too peppy and enthusiastic. But now that she's doing the evening shows, I've started to like her more. She's still enthusiastic, but far less annoying.

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