KNTV NBC Bay Area has a new news director, Jonathan Mitchell, from KHQ Spokane and, earlier, WNWO-TV, Toledo. Media blogger Rich Lieberman quotes one veteran in the San Jose newsroom as saying, “The new guy seems fine, but he’s very young and already requiring walk-and-talk standups, etc. We go through this every time someone new comes — somehow if we’re not sitting down, the ratings will go up. 😉 It’s not a big deal, but it’s just so predictable.” (Photo from Rick Gevers’ News Director List)

Bay Area Media News,


  1. There is a very bizarre trend in many Bay Area TV newsrooms toward hiring very young people for key positions.

    It's not clear what's driving this pattern (desire to save money, have younger people who won't challenge management) but when you consider the talent floating around in this market that could have been brought in to a station like KNTV it is just ridiculous.

    Journalism is at its best when you have a diverse newsroom seasoned with older reporters/producers who have an institutional memory of events and young people who keep them intouch with youth culture and the new social media tools.

    It's bizarre when you have co-workers who remember Clinton as the President of their grade school years and for whom people like Reagan are mere historical figures.

  2. Here's what's "predictable:" the station will still lead off with a list of crime stories. Change channels and you'll see the same thing. After that, the news is what the AP budget says it is.
    Go out and get some news – something no one knows about.
    Get rid of the himbos and bimbos. Bring back William Winter – a globe, map, desk and someone who knows what they are talking about.

  3. Wonder if Rich (or the Pen Press Club) bothered to ask Mitchell for a comment before posting (or in this case re-posting) the anonymous flame against him. As we all sit here fighting to keep "respectable" journalism alive, perhaps we should remind ourselves that means getting more than one side of the story. What's next? Filling up the blog with cut and pastes from the anonymous cesspool that is the TVSpy watercooler? By the way, I don't know Mitchell and have heard a few digs from some inside KNTV as well. I just didn't broadcast them worldwide. There's a reason they call it gossip.

  4. IT COULD BE WORSE. He could require the women to wear short shirts and then take away their news desks like they do on Fox News.

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