The Mercury News ran the news that its parent company was about to enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings on the bottom of the business page today. The headline, “Mercury News parent swaps debt for equity,” was the smallest headline for a news story on the page, and it didn’t mention the word bankruptcy. The first two paragraphs don’t use the B word either. One line before the jump, the word “bankruptcy” can be found. In a letter to employees (see below), CEO Dean Singleton said the “financial restructuring is a non event for readers and advertisers.”

Bay Area Media News


  1. Imagine how much it must suck to be a business reporter at the Merc these days, being told to run a story like this from the home office without doing any local angle on it. There are many experts in the Bay Area they could have interviewed — just look at the AP story.

  2. Isn't MediaNews based in Denver? This is only sort of a local story for the Bay Area. I don't have a problem with the short story.

  3. the story doesn't even mention the other papers medianews owns around here … they're really hoping to keep this under the radar

  4. So let's say I have a high profile business in the South Bay, and it files for Chapt. 11, can I expect the Merc to give my bankruptcy filing the same treatment as theirs? It really seems like the Merc is creating a double standard — play up everybody else's problems and downplay your own! That doesn't help the Merc's credibility.

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