The SF Weekly is reporting that Lisa Frazier, the CEO of the new F. Warren Hellman-financed Bay Area News Project, will make $400,000 a year. Not bad for somebody who has no journalistic experience. She’s a business and media consultant.

By comparison, former Wall Street Journal managing editor Paul Steiger, who heads the Herbert and Marion Sandler news nonprofit Pro Publica, was paid $570,000 in 2008, according to IRS documents.

The SF Weekly also reports:

    Newsroom sources at KQED, meanwhile, told SF Weekly that unease over Frazier taking the CEO spot may have led to the station quitting the Bay Area News Project. Frazier had been initially tasked with searching for the person to fill the position she has now assumed.

Read more about the project’s new editor below.

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  1. I can't believe this. $400,000! And for what? While real journalists make ends meet with food stamp cards. In my spare time (yes, I'm employed but have to accept food stamps), I plan to investigate this Bay Area News Project. Seems like a scam to me!!!!!!

  2. While I don't think it's a big deal she's not from newspapers (because those CEOs are so darn effective!) but $400K is excessive. $120K is enough for basically being an executive face of the project.

  3. what's her severance package? if this "news project" is going to be so upfront, wouldn't you expect a full discussion of the compensation of its top management?

  4. The problem with doing "fundraising" for a news organization is that you stay away from stories donors don't like, much the way ad-based news organizations avoid stories advertisers don't like.

  5. If she can create a "sustainable" model for online news (read: one that pays the bills), she will be worth much more than 400K because nobody has been able to do that yet, at least when it comes to local news. However, if she just goes around to the typical nonprofits and foundations making PowerPoint presentations for grants, then she' s worth about as much as your typical small-market PBS station general manager.

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