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KGO-AM's Gil Gross now does show on KSFO 560

Gil Gross, who holds down the 2-4 p.m. weekday shift at KGO-AM, can now be heard on Saturdays on conservative “Hot Talk” KSFO-AM from 1-3, talking about real estate.

No, Gross isn’t pretending to be a Rush Limbaugh wannabe one day a week. KSFO is simply picking up Gross’ nationally syndicated “Real Estate Today” program which is heard on other big-market stations like WABC New York. In fact, WABC booted Bob Brinker and replaced him with Gross. KSFO, KGO-AM and WABC are owned by Citadel.

Gross’ real estate program is heavy on interviews from experts. The KSFO version also includes a two-minute report Gross does on the Bay Area market.

The program is owned by the National Association of Realtors, but that hasn’t stopped Gross from asking probing questions about the meltdown of the housing industry.

Gross, who replaced the late Pete Wilson at KGO in 2007, has been on national network radio for years, hosting a talk show on CBS Radio and doing hourly news on ABC. In fact, he became the youngest radio anchor at ABC at age 23.

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