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Former Stanford Daily editor wins Pearl internship

Devin Banerjee, former editor-in-chief of the Stanford Daily, has been awarded the 2010 Daniel Pearl Memorial Journalism Internship, which will have him working in one of the Wall Street Journal‘s foreign bureaus this summer, according to the Stanford News Service.

Banerjee is working toward a degree in management science and
engineering, with a concentration in technology and policy. He expects
to graduate in 2011.

The internship was established to commemorate the work and ideals of Pearl, a Stanford graduate and Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002.

Banerjee is from Calabasas, in Southern California, and he has previously held internships at the Mercury News and the JoongAng Daily in Seoul, Korea.

Pearl, a 1985 graduate of Stanford’s Department of Communication,
was kidnapped in Karachi on Jan. 23, 2002, while working on a story
retracing the steps of “shoe bomber” Richard Reid. A month later, on
Feb. 21, his captors released a videotape of his slaying. He was 38. (Photo credit: Stanford News Service)

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