Subscribers to the Merc have been getting letters that begin “Dear Loyal Reader.” The letters tell of a subscription rate hike and they provide the reader with a username and password to log on to the Merc’s e-edition.

Because of discounting, the Merc’s rates vary greatly. But for a subscriber who now pays $145.44 a year, the rate will increase by “about” 5 cents per day, the letter said. That would come to $18.25 cents per year, bringing the annual rate to $163.69 — a 12.5% hike.

The e-edition is an exact replica of the printed paper with type sizes that can be enlarged. E-edition readers also get access to a year of the Merc’s archives.

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  1. So let's see, they lay off over 50 percent of Staff, completely IGNORE the communities they serve, then think PAID readers are going to pay more, for less?
    LMFAO @ Merc and MNG!!!!

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