Lee Rodgers signed off KSFO 560 for the last time today, turning his morning show over to Brian Sussman, the former TV weather man turned conservative talk show host.

Rodgers had been transitioning to retirement for a couple of years by first moving to Arizona and broadcasting from his home, and then reducing his schedule to four days a week. Sussman, who has been working the 6-8 p.m. shift, had substituted for Rodgers.

Sussman becomes permanent host of the morning show starting tomorrow, and KSFO will fill his evening slot with a syndicated program by John Batchelor. Batchelor, a novelist, holds down the 9-midnight slot at WABC-AM in New York. (Photo credit: Chronicle file, Kim Komenich)

UPDATE, Friday, 5 p.m.: Rodgers’ former co-host, Melanie Morgan, says he was the victim of downsizing, and she ought to know since she’s married to KSFO vice president of operations Jack Swanson. Morgan, who worked with Rodgers for 14 years, writes in her blog:

    We sure had a wild ride, recalling a governor, enacting legislation banning cancer-causing chemicals forced on us by environmental whackos, excoriating the dopes in politics, and adopting a lot of puppies (with your help.) Lee also is VERY proud of the fact that he has pissed off Media Matters and other left-wing liberals. There were never enough hours in the day to bitch-slap those people, politcally speaking, of course.

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  1. With Lee gone, I have stopped listening to KSFO. He an Officer Vic kept the program interesting and fun. Now, I have no reason to get up early. If I want the news, I just turn on the TV.

  2. Lee is a casualty of the mess at Citadel, the same reason why Melanie, Rosie, Greg Jarrett and others have lost their jobs at KGO-KSFO. My guess is that Suss is working for fire-sale wages. That's not a rap on him, but there's no money in radio right now.

  3. spocko's braindead — you're the buffonish moron Lee Rodgers destroyed on his show a couple of years back, right?

    I see from your post that chastening experience has not had the hoped for changing effect. You do sound like the same bitter and twised member of the lying lumpen Marxetariat you were when Lee granted you, by proxy, 15 seconds of fame on his great show.

    Nothing you write has an even tangential relationship with the truth.

    I have pleasure in knowing that in the years ahead when the cacophony of voices in your head shout to you, you'll still be hearing Lee's melifluous tones rattling around that empty orb which sits atop your neckhole.

  4. Retires? Really? Is that what the kids are calling getting canned these days?

    When someone doesn't make an announcement in his last show and suddenly isn't on the next day there could be other reasons. I know that nobody will talk, but I think retire might not be the correct word choice here.

    The question is why. Could it be KSFO isn't generating the revenue Citadel had expected?
    We know that Rodgers could pretty much say anything with no repercussions like the time he called for the genocide of the Iraq people last year.

    "You people do what ever you want to each other and [Iraq] just don't give us a reason to come back or we'll massacre every last damn one of you."

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