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KSFO's Lee Rodgers retires

Lee Rodgers signed off KSFO 560 for the last time today, turning his morning show over to Brian Sussman, the former TV weather man turned conservative talk show host.

Rodgers had been transitioning to retirement for a couple of years by first moving to Arizona and broadcasting from his home, and then reducing his schedule to four days a week. Sussman, who has been working the 6-8 p.m. shift, had substituted for Rodgers.

Sussman becomes permanent host of the morning show starting tomorrow, and KSFO will fill his evening slot with a syndicated program by John Batchelor. Batchelor, a novelist, holds down the 9-midnight slot at WABC-AM in New York. (Photo credit: Chronicle file, Kim Komenich)

UPDATE, Friday, 5 p.m.: Rodgers’ former co-host, Melanie Morgan, says he was the victim of downsizing, and she ought to know since she’s married to KSFO vice president of operations Jack Swanson. Morgan, who worked with Rodgers for 14 years, writes in her blog:

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