NBC and possibly one other network is in talks to take over management of KRON4, Broadcasting & Cable reports, citing bankruptcy court records.

KRON would presumably operate out of KNTV’s building in San Jose should the deal be worked out. NBC Local Media apparently isn’t the only network-owned group interested in running KRON4.

“The negotiations with NBC have progressed, and there is at least one other network interested,” reads a brief filed in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of KRON owner Young Broadcasting.

NBC said in a statement, “There have been some discussions around shared technical services, but there is no agreement at this point.”

Broadcasting & Cable contacted ABC and CBS, and each denied being in negotiations with Young. No word about KTVU or KOFY.

If a deal happens, Young would sell the KRON building on Van Ness Avenue, appraised in the $10 million neighborhood.

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  1. You sound like the typical ex-news anchor. I know a lot of them and they all say the same things. People have to get their news somehwere. Local isn't dead, it's changing. Just b/c you can't come up with a successful business model doesn't mean it's dead…it just means you're lazy!

  2. Local TV stations are soon going to disappear. A couple of network-owned news operations will persist, but we're talking a radically small staff of VJs covering the entire Bay Area. Television is going to be national. Wouldn't be surprised if one of the broadcast networks pulls the plug on its affiliates and goes cable/satellite-only. The others will follow. The network will simply feed a national newscast at 5, 6 and 11 — and few viewers will care. Same in the mornings. Local is over.

  3. I think NBC Bay Area is the perfect fit for this match. Combining the Channel 4 News Team and NBC Bay Area would produce the best of both worlds.

  4. It's interesting to speculate.

    If KTVU could get KRON's signal they could move their half hour a night news show at 7 on KOFY over to KRON and perhaps even do more news broadcasts on KRON.

    The infrastructure is there to do more news programming and perhaps some news talk with a retired anchor or two.

    This is all total speculation on my part, but I think KTVU would be in the best posiiion to do something with the station at a relatively low cost.

  5. The logical buyer for KRON isn't NBC. They have more inventory than they can sell. Channel 2 has a stronger sales force and could use a third station's inventory. My guess is that FCC approval for a triopoly is iffy at best.

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