Bleacher Report, which was started a year ago by four “obsessed sports fans from the Bay Area,” has landed a deal with Hearst Corp. to provide sports coverage to the Chronicle and other Hearst papers, the Sacramento Business Journal reports.

Bleacher Report was founded by Dave Finocchio, Zander Freund, Bryan Goldberg and Dave Nemetz. They call their site “the world’s largest publisher of exclusively fan-generated sports reporting.”

    Our community of fan-experts creates hundreds of original stories each day, and we publish their work to the millions of people who visit Bleacher Report on a monthly basis. In addition, content created by the Bleacher Report community is used by several major partners, including CBS Sports and Fox Sports.

    How does Bleacher Report accomplish all this?

    Simply stated, we provide our community of talented writers with the best possible experience. Our publishing platform enables them to create first-rate content, and our wide reach delivers their work to countless sports fanatics across the globe. Thus, for many writers, contributing to Bleacher Report is a superior experience than operating an independent blog.

According to Bleacher Report, the special local sections of the newspapers will have original articles written by Bleacher contributors, and also “aggregated content from across the Web.”

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