Paulo Pereira started at the Palo Alto Daily News in 1999 as a receptionist and by 2005 was in charge of an advertising department with 25 employees in four cities. Monday, however, was his last day. Publisher Justin Wilcox told his staff in an e-mail:

    I wanted to let everyone know that effective today Paulo Pereira is no longer with the Daily News. I want to thank Paulo for his years of service and dedication to the company and wish him great success with his future endeavors.

    Any duties or activities that Paulo was participating in can be directed to me moving forward and I thank everyone in advance for your assistance during this transition.

Last month, Managing Editor Jamie Casini (top right) left the Daily News after five years for a new hyper-local Internet news service called Patch, an AOL-funded venture that plans to roll out hundreds of local news blogs by the end of the year. Before the Daily News, Casini was city editor at the San Francisco Examiner from June 2002 to October 2005. She is also a past president of the Press Club.

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