KTVU political editor Randy Shandobil, who has been at Channel 2 for 31 years, plans to leave the station after the November elections, media blogger Rich Lieberman reports. The images here are from You Tube — 1984 and 2009. The 1984 image is from a live shot Shandobil did from a fire.

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  1. One of Channel 2's advantages is that it has a lot of reporters with experience, who can produce stories that are meaningful to the viewer. And the hour-long format has allowed KTVU to run more in-depth stories than stations doing 30- or 35-minute newscasts. I'm often amazed to see packages on the 10'O Clock News that run 3 or 4 minutes long in a day and age when most stations consider 1:30 to be an in-depth report.

  2. Randy is frustrated with the overall direction TV news is heading in. He has very high standards and is pretty burned out on fighting to maintain the quality of his reporting.

    That said, he's also made it clear that KTVU is still the best place for reporting in the Bay Area.

    KTVU under COX management has deteriorated. The latest brilliant consultant stratagey is a mandatory story count for each newscast.

    You get more crap crime stories and shorter overall stories so producers can make their story count.

    Unfortunately because the competition is so lousy in this market – KPIX is truly miserable -that the ratings remain high and the consultants can claim the new, faster, more, idea is working out great!

    The morning news whips by so fast with so many stories that its like that Japanese Anime that used to give children seizures.

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