John Farley returned to the air Saturday and Sunday, subbing for KTVU weekend weather anchor Mark Tamayo at 6 and 11. Farley was let go by NBC11 in a cost-cutting move in March 2009. He had been at Channel 11 for 13 years.

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  1. Cool, John Farley is my favorite weatherman! He is passionate and he cares about people. I just switched to Channel 2 on the weekends.

  2. Our San Jose community has lost so much. You always supported charitable organizations. I personally think Chicago is a better place. Midwest values and education can't be beat. Good luck.

  3. This is getting more and more suspicisous…. NBC11's version was "in a cost-cutting meassure" in letting go of John Farley, and this was a few months ago. However, NBC11 have hired at least two new weatherpersons including a female one (whose name I do not remember), so where is the cost cutting measure, NBC11? Just be honest with the public!

  4. I never understood John Farley's being let go… Like Raj Mathai in Sports, Lisa Kim on Anchor, why let such a good thing (and an even better person) go away. NBC11 had to replace him anyways, so why hire someone just to replace John Farley.

    I can't believe that it's been more than a year since John had left NBC11. Know what? I subconsciously don't even listen to NBC 11 for weather anymore, though I still watch Lisa et als as well as sports, but somehow I switch channels automatically…

    Without John Farley, it's just NOT the same! It's great that he's hooked up with someone else…. Good luck, John!

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