On the same day that Hank Plante signed off from KPIX, word surfaced that two more Channel 5 veterans had taken buyouts — Jeffrey Schaub and Anna Duckworth. Their departures were reported by media blogger Rich Lieberman, who attributed his information to an anonymous source.

Schaub, a three-time Emmy award winner, has been at KPIX for 20 years while Duckworth has been at the CBS O&O for six years.

Schaub has been the station’s “Green Beat” reporter. Previously, he was the North Bay Bureau chief, back when stations were heavily promoting their bureaus.

Duckworth, a Bay Area native who graduated from SJSU, was at KCBS 740 and KRON before arriving at KPIX, where she was a general assignment reporter for the morning and noon editions.

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  1. I laughed when channel 5 switched to the use of shaky cams or cinema verte style for the 5 pms. It was seen as innovative back in the 1980s when it was tried by a mostly No. 3 stations for their 11 p. The idea was to convey a breathless, breaking news feel to a fast-paced format. The trend lasted about three years.

    The 5p shouldn't be a fast-paced, "this just in," kind of show. You're trying to appeal to the Oprah crowd with medical and consumer stories. Five-part series on having children and a career. Packages with soft violin music.

    KPIX might be better off doing the show from a studio with a couch, a coffee table and those big coffee mugs you see on the news desk of morning shows in small markets.

    The only plus I can see of using shaky cam at 5 pm is that you get to see more of Roberta Gonzales from different angles.

  2. and what's with KPIX shooting its anchors all around the newsroom? After months of doing this, I'm still against it. Is the idea to be homey, nice and warm?
    Another loss of professionalism. I'm slowly moving to NCB11.
    And can someone please tell Katie Couric to stop making nice-nice after some segments; I hate this little remarks.
    Walter Cronkite never made those type of remarks.
    Editorial comments are NOT needed. Just report the damn news.

  3. The whole making reporters be VJ's thing is really going to backfire.

    The problems are many:

    1) You don't do either job very well.

    2) You stand in front of your own camera and try to get the shot, but it never looks very good.

    Note: when a real photog does the shot they frame up that flag behind you just right or catch the background scene of that cliff perfectly. You can't do that when you put the camera on a tripod and try to guess where to stand.

    3) Opps, this is a visual medium in High Def these days. Guess whose show is going to kill the competition when only one station still has pros on the other side of the camera?

    4) The bosses will remember the phrase "penny wise and pound foolish" when the sales department starts screaming about the crash in the ratings.

  4. Fire expensive reporters, replace them with people who will work for minimum wage. It's happening at all the stations in town, not just pix.

  5. It is safe to say that anyone who has ever met Anna Duckworth in person adores her. I do!

    I remember her at KRON when it was bursting with talent– she was so smart and steeped in the community– never pushy or crude, always professional.

    Since, I always rooted for her to get more time.

  6. the anchors on ch. 5's morning news are … how do i say this .. terrible. Not funny. Awkward. Ill timed. Then they throw to Anna doing a live shot, and you realize you're watching a major market station again.

  7. Anna is a total professional — accurate reporting, good interview questions, writing that's sharp and to the point (she probably knows who this is) … I remember her from her KCBS days. She'll be back on her feet very shortly.

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