The Bay Citizen, the nonprofit formerly known as the Bay Area News Project, plans to launch its online news service on May 26, Editor Jonathan Weber announced on his blog.

Weber said the Citizen’s managing editor for news, Steve Fainaru, starts next week, and then the nonprofit will begin hiring reporters. Weber said the project is also looking to hire a “community editor,” and that position will be posted by the end of the week.

Weber told the San Francisco Business Times that while some of the Citizen’s content will come from volunteers and UC Berkeley journalism students, “the core of the operation is a professional newsroom.” And the pros will be the ones whose stuff will be sent over to the New York Times for its Bay Area edition.

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  1. Why don't we who live in Blossom Valley in San Jose ever see this "Bay Citizen"? What areas does it cover? Is it a "pay for" subscription?

    More info, please. signed, B.A.

  2. With the giant build-up The Bay Citizen is getting, it needs to be stellar … absolutely awesome … free of any glitches … and if it isn't, people won't come back. They might have been better off to keep the project a secret and then start small, letting natural momentum from quality work, bring them to the top.

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