It looks like Bruce Brugmann’s Bay Guardian will soon be getting regular payments from T Mobile, which has won approval from the San Francisco Planning Commission to put antennas on the Guardian’s rooftop.

The unanimous approval came despite an attempt by the Guardian’s rival, the SF Weekly, to get residents to oppose the project.

Michael Lacey, executive editor of the weekly’s parent company, Village Voice Media, went so far as to send a letter to Brugmann’s neighbors to tell them to attend the planning commission hearing. Lacey said in the letter in part:

    This cell phone tower could have a negative impact on your neighborhood for decades to come. If you have concerns about the possible effect on your health or your property values, we suggest you read the stories included and attend the meeting to voice your opinion.

The T Mobile money is in addition to the $21 million Brugmann is trying to collect after winning a predatory pricing lawsuit against the SF Weekly and Village Voice Media. The case is being appealed, but the court has granted Brugmann 50% of the Weekly’s revenues to pay off the award.

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  1. Lots of buildings have cell phone antennas, and nobody is getting sick from them. The fact that the SF Weekly would try to make an issue out of it, by mailing warning letters to neighbors, is sickening. It says a lot about the ethics (or lack thereof) of the owners of the SFWeekly.

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