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Josh Wolf in trouble again

Josh Wolf, who served 226 days in prison for refusing to give federal authorities out-takes from the video of a San Francisco protest he shot, is now a journalism student at UC-Berkeley — and he’s in trouble again, the NY Times reports.

Wolf was arrested in November inside Wheeler Hall, which had been occupied and barricaded by students protesting tuition hikes. Now he’s facing a seven-month academic suspension (and a 10-page essay).

But Wolf says he entered the building as a member of the press, and the video he shot was later used by Democracy Now!

Robert Gunnison, the director of school affairs for the journalism school, told the Times that Wolf’s status as a member of the press may be irrelevant, arguing that shield laws do not protect reporters when police issue dispersal orders, which is effectively the threat of a trespassing charge.

Wolf has several more days to decide whether to accept the suspension or take his case to a hearing panel consisting of two faculty, two students and one university staff member.

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