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Whitman accused of manipulating TV stations

Steven Harmon of the Contra Costa Times reports that Meg Whitman’s opponents are accusing her of trying to manipulate the media by providing selective footage of a campaign event to television stations around the state.

Whitman has advised television stations in all markets that she will be providing footage for events they are unable to attend for the rest of the campaign. The campaign sent its first footage Tuesday — eight minutes from a Riverside event in which she is shown talking to an audience.

Republican primary rival Steve Poizner’s campaign called it another attempt by Whitman to buy the election.

The Coco Times says Whitman spent 40 minutes Tuesday being interviewed by four TV stations through a satellite hookup the campaign engineered by hiring a satellite truck, at $5,000 for half a day.

KPIX was one of the stations that refused to take Whitman’s video feed. News director Dan Rosenheim said taking video feeds directly from campaigns raises ethical considerations:

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