Ben Fong-Torres, in his Chronicle radio column today, notes that in the key demographic that interests advertisers, listeners 25-54, non-commercial KQED 88.5 is No. 1, followed closely by KOIT and KSAN (“The Bone”).

     4. KIOI (“Star 101.3”)
     5. KSOL
     6. KCBS
     7. KRZZ (“La Raza”)
     8. A tie between KBLX and KMVQ (“Movin’ “).
    10. KYLD (“Wild”)
    11. KLLC (“Alice”)
    12. KFOG
    13. KKSF (“The Band”)
    14. A three-way tie among the South Bay’s soft-rocker KBAY, the iconic KMEL, and KITS (“Live 105”).
    17. KISQ (“Kiss”), which just got Renel back.

The overall numbers, where listeners age 6 and above are tallied, aren’t of much use to advertisers, but they often are published in news reports about radio ratings. Those overall numbers have shown KGO-AM 810 at the top for about 30 years.

But in the most recent overall ratings, KGO fell to No. 3. On top is KCBS, which benefits from the addition of an FM signal and possibly from the new Portable People Meters that Arbitron is using. In second is KOIT and KQED is fourth.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. I invested in a wi-fi internet radio. It's amazing how it opens up your world. There's no worry about signal strength and it takes you outside of the Bay Area bubble.

    It's facinating what you find out in the real world.

  2. Ray Taliferro is the worst host on KGO, bar none. He repeats the same topics, night after night. I keep coming back to KGO because it has the strongest signal, but what a waste!!!

  3. KGO hosts lack variety and are utterly predictable.
    I used to listen all the time, but in the last few years have lost interest.
    Worst of the lot is Wattenberg who relentlessly harps on the same topics, month after month, year after year.
    There is no vitality left at KGO, save perhaps for John Rothmann and Brian Copeland.

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