A PR man for San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital repeated patted Dan Noyes with a hand as the KGO reporter attempted to interview Hospital Director Mivic Hirose about irregularities with the Patient Gift Fund. The video shows what PR man Marc Slavin did — he not only repeatedly touched Noyes but also his female photographer. Here’s Noyes’ story. After the incident, Slavin’s boss, Public Health Director Mitch Katz, admitted Slavin’s behavior was “unprofessional.” Katz wouldn’t say if Slavin would be disciplined or whether he continues to work for the hospital, calling it a personnel issue.

Bay Area Media News


  1. Proof that people in the media are jerks. March into their places of work with a camera and they will shoot you. Hypocrites.

  2. Anyone would be nuts to hire Slavin as a PR man. SF should boot this guy and fast.

    This guy IS crazy. Talk about screwing up your operation. He should be mopping floors somewhere.

  3. Seems like the reporter got irked pretty quickly. Maybe the PR guy had a touching fettish. Besides, there were only about six people in the whole meeting, not really a big deal.

  4. Who cares what the hospital does with Marc. More interesting would be what the criminal courts do. Looks like an assault on both Noyes and the photographer. File the report; let the judge / jury figure it out.

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