Dan Gillmor, a former Merc columnist and proponent of citizen journalism, has joined Salon.com as a reporter and columnist, according to a news release.

Gillmor left the Merc in 2005 to start a citizen journalism site called Bayosphere, which didn’t work out because of a lack of interest by readers and would-be contributors.

But he has used his experiences to set up a foundation for citizen journalism. While writing for Salon.com, Gillmor will remain as director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University.

Bay Area Media News


  1. Who better to set up foundations for “citizen” journalism, or direct a center for “entrepreneurship” than someone whose own website died for lack of interest by everyone on Earth. So now he scores paychecks from a university that shackles journalism students to $80,000 of debt, and a website that has squandered more money than a MediaNews bankruptcy.

  2. He learned the hard way that it isn't easy for online journalists to draw a large audience or make money.

  3. Perfect. Now Salon can host the mutterings of a guy who perfected the art of writing for the disinterested.

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