Judy Kleinberg, an attorney and former Palo Alto mayor, has joined the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation as program director for San Jose and Silicon Valley, the organization said in a news release.

Kleinberg who started her career as a private attorney and reporter at Channel 2, “will work with local leaders to identify and invest in opportunities for fostering an informed and engaged San Jose and Silicon Valley region,” the release said.

“Judy brings an entrepreneurial vision and deep networks to Knight Foundation – both of which will be critical to helping create transformational change,” said Trabian Shorters, the foundation’s vice president for communities.

Journalists might be familiar with Kleinberg’s husband, James, a superior court judge in Santa Clara County who ruled in 2005 that California’s shield law did not apply to bloggers, and that Apple could subpoena the files of online journalists who revealed information about the company’s new products. An appeals court reversed the ruling.

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  1. Her most notable accomplishment on City Council was creating a "code of conduct" for council members that, in its original version, banned the rolling of eye balls, frowning and other "non verbal methods of expressing disagreement or disgust." The proposal made Palo Alto the laughing stalk of local governments. Kleinberg's body language restrictions were removed right before the code of conduct was passed. Here's how the SF Chronicle covered it: http://articles.sfgate.com/2003-05-06/bay-area/17491662_1_council-members-smiling-diverse-opinions

  2. Her official bio brushes over her years at KTVU. Anybody know what she did there? Any significant stories, or was she just a pretty teleprompter reader? I'd like to know what journalistic credentials she has.

  3. This politician once threatened to sue me for an accurate story that portrayed her in an unflattering light regarding a city council conflict of interest. Now she's with the Knight Foundation? Give me a break!

  4. It's not a good sign that she used to be a Palo Alto Mayor or Councilmember. From what I hear, that's a City that holds an inordinate number of closed-meetings and operates in a less-than-transparent manner. Hopefully the Knight people questioned her about that, and independently checked her record when it came to public records, executive sessions and the like. I don't profess to know what her records is on those matters, but I do know Palo Alto's reputation on open government, and it isn't good.

  5. Wonder if she thinks bloggers can be journalists? Her husband's decision would have been a huge setback for all reporters had it not been reversed.

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