Michelle Durand of the Daily Journal in San Mateo reports that San Mateo County’s assessor and elections chief, Warren Slocum, has become the de facto CEO and president of public access television Peninsula TV.

The station is funded mainly by city governments and it airs on Cable 26 in central and northern San Mateo County.

Slocum began as a board member of the nonprofit formed by station founder Bob Marks and moved to vice president and president as Marks and then interim director Liz LaPorte left. Slocum now handles the business end of Pen TV in an unpaid position.

“Being in the elections business is all about civic engagement and voting. The last nine months or so at Pen TV has re-ignited that passion,” Slocum said.

Bay Area Media News


  1. Slocum is exactly what PenTV needs when it comes to raising money. He's well connected with local government officials, who will most likely provide PenTV's funding in the future for programming such as coverage of city council meetings. PenTV doesn't sell advertising like traditional TV stations.

  2. 1) No one watches that station, so who cares?

    2) All tv stations are owned by some kind of entity, usually a corporation. What difference does it make if it's a former government official?

  3. Does the idea of a government official heading a TV station make any of you "journalists" the least bit nervous?

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