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Examiner Editor James Pimentel resigns

James Pimentel (pictured) has resigned as executive editor of the San Francisco Examiner after nearly four years in the job and nine years at the paper.

The SF Appeal, an online newspaper, reports that Pimentel left on Friday, June 18, and that Publisher James Wilcox informed the staff of his departure on Tuesday, June 22. The Appeal says Wilcox told the staff that “several factors” led to Pimentel’s departure, but he didn’t elaborate.

No successor has been named. Managing editor Deirdre Hussey is currently running the newsroom.

Pimentel began his newspaper career at the Oakland Tribune in 1984. He joined the Examiner in 2001 as sports editor before becoming managing editor in 2003. Pimentel led the paper’s transition from broadsheet to tabloid in 2003 and its launch of zoned editions in San Mateo County in 2004.

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