“We have to remind a viewer that calls that we are not owned by Fox, they do not control our news and judgment,” KTVU Channel 2 news director Ed Chapuis tells Joe Strupp, writing for the left leaning MediaMatters for America site.

According to Strupp, Chapuis and the news directors of other Fox affiliates are concerned that the top-rated Fox News Channel’s conservative bent misleads viewers into thinking their local news reports take the same approach.

“We play up the fact that we are an independent news operation,” Chapuis says. “We have found that the KTVU Channel 2 news brand is very strong and has a stronger impression with our viewers.”

Bay Area Media News


  1. Not so. What KTVU is not telling you is that they get all their national and international feeds from Fox New. For the most part, most of the feeds present right wing, republican views.

  2. Anonymous Number 3:

    According to the Shreveport manager: "'We have to explain that we have nothing to do with Fox News,' he says. 'We try to do equal journalism, both sides of the story if possible.'"

    No, it's not exactly a complaint about Fox News. But it is a distancing. When the manager gets calls about Fox News, he effectively tells the public, "That's not us."

  3. Obama and Robert Gibbs should have stuck to their guns and booted Fox News from the White House Press Corps.

  4. I'm surprised the PPC linked to MediaMatters since it is nothing but a propaganda machine funded by Obama mentor/backer George Soros. If a news director of a Fox affiliate had something nice to say about Fox News Channel, it wouldn't have been reported by MediaMatters.

  5. Michael, I read the same article and I think you're reading something into the comments of the Shreveport Fox station if you think he's taking a negative view of the network. I don't want to get too nitpicky, but you don't do your cause any good when you misstate something people can read for themselves.

  6. They must be drooling over the prospect of opening up a can of that MSNBC ratings behemoth. Can't let the rubes know we hate 'em.

  7. No, actually, none of the article says anything about any Fox station that is positive toward its relationship with Fox News. The "both sides" comment late in the article — "We try to do equal journalism, both sides of the story if possible" — is actually in the context of a manager who distances his station from Fox News.

    "Both sides of the story" is not a concept exclusive to Fox News Channel. It's all over the place, with origins long preceding Fox News. And it's not even that great of a principle, given that one "side" is sometimes transparently wrong. And it's not even clear that Fox News consistently tries to be all that fair to "both sides," despite its famous slogan.

  8. if you read to the end of the article you'll see that some fox affils aren't complaining about being associated with the highest-rated cable network, and that some of them are even following fox news channel's policy of getting both sides of the story … too bad the concept of being fair to both sides is such a controversial idea in today's newsrooms.

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