The Chron’s Peter Hartlaub says KTVU veteran Lloyd LaCuesta is one of the Bay Area’s most under-appreciated TV reporters. In his nearly 35 years at Channel 2, LaCuesta has covered more than his share of thunderstorms, fires, homicides and other breaking stories. LaCuesta says he likes his job but has paid the price. He tells Hartlaub:

    “I have high blood pressure and other health problems. I spend a lot of time talking to young people and I also teach at a local college. I just want everyone to know there’s a cost for being that kind of reporter. I just got married but I was also divorced for 20 years. Jumping on airplanes and trying to be the first reporter on the scene wasn’t very conducive to a good family life. I was always gone. … I look at my career and I have a lot of satisfaction, but I missed my daughter’s 5-year-old birthday party. I can never get that back … It took me a long time to realize that family life is more important.

(Photo credit: KTVU screen grab from 2009)

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  1. Thank you Lloyd. Imagine that, I had thought of jumping back into journalism but reading this makes me realize I'm a fool.
    Who needs the constant rush to get the story first, the constant push to meet deadline, the headaches of writing two stories per day, the pain of waiting for phone calls and all that daily crap.
    Much like Lloyd, I've developed high blood pressure, missed weekends, worked late-night hours and gave up my life. For what?
    For a lousy publisher who makes more money than us lowly paid reporters?
    It's NOT worth it.

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