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Pimentel to work for Examiner parent

James Pimentel (pictured) has left the San Francisco Examiner, but will remain with the paper’s parent company, Clarity Media Goup.

He will be director of special projects for Clarity, where he will report to Ryan McKibben and will focus on a redesign and platform change for the San Francisco and Washington Examiner newspaper websites.

The SF Appeal, an online newspaper, reported June 22 that Pimentel left on Friday, June 18, and that Publisher John Wilcox told the staff that “several factors” led to Pimentel’s departure without elaborating.

The day after the SF Appeal report, on June 23, the Examiner ran a four-paragraph story on page 21 (circled in red at left) that announced Pimentel’s resignation as executive editor. The story quoted Publisher John Wilcox as saying, “Jim made a strong contribution to the growth of The Examiner over the last several years and we wish him the best.”

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