Clear Channel’s KNEW 910 is changing afternoon drive hosts again as the conservative talk station struggles for ratings.

Last September, the station dropped Michael Savage, replacing him with “The John and Ken Show,” which is No. 1 on the company’s KFI Los Angeles. The hosts, John Kobylt and Kenneth Chiampou (right), attack government corruption, tax increases and lax enforcement of laws against child molesters among other topics. Most of the stories they discuss concern the Los Angeles area, which didn’t help them here.

Now KNEW is airing promos saying John Gibson (left) will get the 3-6 p.m. slot starting Tuesday. Gibson is a syndicated host who used to have a weekday show on the Fox News Channel.

In the past year, KNEW seems to have had a revolving door for talk show hosts, trying and then jettisoning Laura Ingraham, Roger Hedgecock, Lou Dobbs, Dennis Miller, Bill O’Reilly, Rusty Humphries and Lars Larson. The only stable part of the station’s schedule is the morning team of Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty, a show that Clear Channel imports from its Sacramento station, KSTE-AM 650.

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  1. KNEW is trying to latch on to the Fox News brand, which isn't an entirely bad move. Yes, this is the liberal Bay Area, but there's enough conservatives to keep a couple of stations like this happy — if management is smart about it. We'll see about Clear Channel. So far, they haven't figured out how to market this station.

    I hear they will be airing Glen Beck twice a day — noon-3 and again at 6-7 pm.

  2. they're bringing bill o'reilly back and they're essentially turning most of their schedule over to Fox Radio, which currently doesn't have a home in SF … as if there was anybody here asking for more fox news.

  3. maybe it has more to do with the fact that they're conservatives in a liberal market than the fact that they're from southern california.

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