The Chron this morning printed a full page ad from Verizon in 3D (see page A3). To view the ad, this morning’s edition included cardboard 3D glasses. The 3D effect worked in that the man’s head and chest appeared to hover above the paper. See what you can do with brand new presses in a $230 million printing plant.

Unfortunately, nobody in the Chronicle newsroom took the opportunity to publish a 3D news photo or graphic elsewhere in today’s edition. Imagine doing the weather map in 3D. Or sports action photos. Or looting in Oakland. On June 5, England’s Sun newspaper printed a special 3D edition to commemorate the World Cup games, and it contained 3D ads and editorial.

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  1. I thought the SF Press Club website was a forum for professional journalists, not for those who drool over the latest ads! This ad has nothing to do with journalism or news!

  2. I'm not really sure that four posts on the peninsula press club's blog would meet the threshold of ROI Verizon was looking for. But it is a start.

  3. I am also in AZ and got the ad too. It was such a lame ad, and I had to go hunting on the internet to find out what the stupid glasses were for. It took me forever to find the ad too, because it doesn't even look like it's 3D. I totally agree, oh anonymous first commenter.

  4. Lame ad….Full page ad of a guy looking up with some swirls behind him and of course Verizon logo info on their "Rule the Air" advertizsing campaign. We found the glasses before we found the ad, which had no info as to what the glasses were for. Googled the glasses to find out there was an ad to go with it. I am in Arizona and the ad was deep into the first section of the newspaper and I hardly pay attention to the ads. Not worth the money Verizon paid for it.

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