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Twittering over KRON's Oakland protest coverage

Will Harper of SF Weekly reports Twitter users had a lot to say about KRON’s coverage of the Oscar Grant verdict protests in Oakland last night. The network stations carried regular programming while KRON aired the protests all evening. From the SF Weekly:

    Around 11 p.m., as things appeared to be winding down, Mike Monteiro tweeted, “Thankfully, most of the protesters today were peaceful. With only a few inciting violence. And they all worked at @kron4news.” 
    “According to KRON4 Foot Locker was the victim tonight, s—-iest reporting ever,” opined Raven Brooks, the executive director of Netroots Nation. 
    The Chronicle’s pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub chimed in, “KRON folks must be nervous, wondering if we’ll discover the apocalypse they were describing didn’t happen.” 
    An indicator of the buzz about KRON last night: At some point, someone busted out with a #KRON4SUCKS discussion hashtag.

Complaints on Twitter fell into two categories — those who felt KRON was egging on the demonstrators and others who hooted and howled at awkward comments by the station’s anchors and reporters.

But the SF Weekly’s Harper noted that even experienced reporters say odd things after several hours on the air — remember all of those odd Texas saying Dan Rather would use during extended Election Night coverage. “As awkward as KRON’s coverage got, much of the Twitter sniping came off as classic Internet armchair-quarterbacking,” Harper wrote.

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