UC-Berkeley journalism Professor Lowell Bergman announced Thursday that former Memphis Commercial Appeal reporter Trevor Aaronson and documentary filmmaker Lee Wang have been named as the school’s investigative reporting fellows. They’ll get a salary of $47,000, benefits, up to $10,000 for travel and expenses, and work out of offices in Berkeley starting in September.

Berkeley’s investigative reporting program will also provide support in-residence to former Time bureau chief Tim McGirk, who has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the hunt for al-Qaeda. He also won the Foreign Press Association’s 2006 Print Story of the Year award for his investigation into the deaths of 24 Iraqis at Haditha.

Bay Area Media News

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  1. They should have withdrawn McGirk's award for the Haditha story. The testimony contradicted the Time magazine story and charges were dropped against six of the Marines, and one was found not guilty after a trial. If the story isn't true, the award shouldn't count.

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