Deirdre Hussey (pictured) has succeeded Jim Pimentel as executive editor of the San Francisco Examiner, the paper announced today. Hussey joined the Examiner in 2002 and and was north San Mateo County editor, city editor and assistant managing editor before being appointed managing editor in 2007.

“We are fortunate to have in Deirdre a leader who combines a keen dedication to the news with a detailed understanding of San Francisco and San Mateo counties,” Publisher John Wilcox said. “We look forward to more growth with Deirdre at the news helm.”

Pimentel, who has been with the Examiner since 2001, resigned on June 18 to take the post of director of special projects for Clarity Media Group, the Examiner’s owner. He will report to Ryan McKibben and will focus on a redesign and platform change for the San Francisco and Washington Examiner newspaper websites. (Photo credit: Examiner file)

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  1. I think the owner is a conservative christian billionaire who made his fortune from oil. A Bush backer who has funded anti-gay groups. Odd that he owns a paper in San Francisco.

  2. How does the Examiner survive? I mean you see that they put a lot of copies in their boxes. Then, at the end of the day, they're still there. It doesn't look like anybody has picked one up. I guess the delivery guy throws them out and puts in the new edition. At some point, it's got to occur to the paper's owner or its advertisers that they're wasting a lot of papers.

  3. The websites won't change much. Pimentel's "job" likely involves collecting a check in return for keeping his mouth shut. The Examiner makes any severance pay contingent on remaining silent about the termination.

  4. It will be interesting to see what changes he makes when they unveil their new websites. I mean, that's what they say he's doing, right?

  5. Has anyone heard anything from Pimentel about why and how he left the EX, and if that new job he was promised is a reality?

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