The Merc reports that one of its photographers, LiPo Ching, was nominated for an Emmy on Thursday for his video on the disabled living in Vietnam (link). For the third year in a row, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has recognized new approaches to news, documentary and arts programming — categories that require entrants to demonstrate some form of innovation. This has led to a sizable representation of online productions, particularly by newspapers. Before joining the Merc in 2006, he had worked as a freelance producer in the film and TV industry in Los Angeles.

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  1. "The Chronicle/SFGate actually won an Emmy a few years ago."

    Yeah, but from what I and many others at the Chronicle/SFGate understood, Jim Irwin, the guy who snagged that award for the company, was made to feel that there really was no role for him in the newsroom, so he felt forced to take a buyout the very next year. It was as if the organization was clueless as to what to do with him. Pitiful.

  2. It's not that remarkable that a newspaper is nominated for an Emmy. The Chronicle/SFGate actually won an Emmy a few years ago.

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