Comcast SportsNet announced Wednesday that former Chronicle sports columnist Ray Ratto has joined the network as a “senior insider” and a “multiplatform reporter.”

He will write a column for and, contribute to the network’s “SportsNet Central” and other studio shows and will serve as a network correspondent. The announcement was made by Jen Franklin, senior director of digital media for and

Ratto has been a fixture in Northern California sports pages since 1973, most recently with the Chronicle (1986-1990, 2000-2010). In addition, he has worked at the Examiner (1973-1981, 1991-2000), the now defunct Peninsula Times Tribune in Palo Alto, (1981-1986) and The National (1990-1991).

Ratto has also written national columns for CBS Sportsline and and is a frequent guest on local and national radio and television sports programs. He is an alumnus of St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda and is a graduate of San Francisco State University.

Ratto, 56, lives in Alameda with his wife, Beth, and their children Meredith and Christian.

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  1. Sports should be a one-page spread in any newspaper; it ISN'T worth the ink we waste on it.
    Come on, $100 million contracts for playing a game! And love this, a blister on the index finger and pitcher is sidelined for weeks.
    Or sore shoulder and the outfielder can't play.
    Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq face suffering and death daily and they don't complain or take themselves out of the war for a blister or sore shoulder.
    And let's not compare salaries. Our priorities are so screwed. Oh, and I love it when teams salute those in the service by giving them free passes on certain days.
    Wow, thank you for such generosity.
    As for Ratto leaving the Chronicle, who cares?
    Put sports in its proper place in life, next to the toilet bowl.

  2. For a sports fan not to know Ratto no longer parked his Vespa near the M&M is to admit that his former employer is losing readers at an alarming rate. Comcast is a good move. Ratto needs to be heard to be appreciated.

  3. I noticed that Comcast tweaked the Chronicle over getting Ratto by running an ad on the bottom of the first page of sports this morning. I guess the Chronicle is so hard up that they accepted the ad. In the past, I doubt a newspaper would run an ad bought by a competitor who was bragging that they had just hired the paper's top talent.

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