Back in Janaury, it was surprising to see All News KCBS leading the ratings in San Francisco for listeners 6+. The question then was: Had KCBS dethroned KGO-AM? Or was it a fluke? Six months later, the trend has become clear, with KCBS on top and KGO 810 slipping to No. 4. CBS Radio’s decision to put the all-news station on FM is paying off.

Here’s the usual disclaimer: Advertisers don’t use these numbers when buying air time. They use ratings for particular demographics.

    PPM 6+
                 San Francisco Radio Metro
                Monday-Sunday 6am-Midnight
                     March   April    May    June  
    1.  KCBS-AM/FM    5.8     6.1     6.3     5.9  
    2.  KOIT-FM       5.6     5.5     5.9     5.7  
    3.  KQED-FM       5.1     5.5     5.9     5.7 
    4.  KGO-AM        5.4     5.4     5.1     5.6
    5.  Wild 94.9     3.9     3.6     3.8     4.0
    6.  Movin 99.7    3.4     3.0     3.2     3.6
    7.  KNBR 680      2.1     3.6     3.5     3.4
    8.  KDFC-FM       2.9     2.8     3.2     3.3
    9.  Star 101.3    3.8     3.5     3.1     3.0
    9.  KSOL-FM       3.7     3.6     4.0     3.0
    11. LaRaza 93.3   3.4     2.8     3.6     2.9
    12. KBLX-FM       3.7     3.2     2.8     2.8
    13. KMEL-FM       2.8     2.7     2.7     2.6
    13. KSAN The Bone 3.3     2.7     2.4     2.6
    15. KBRG-FM       1.9     2.1     2.0     2.5
    15. KKSF-FM       3.1     2.8     2.7     2.5
    15. Alice         2.5     2.8     2.2     2.5
    15. KSFO-AM       2.3     2.5     2.4     2.5
    19. KISS-FM 98.1  2.3     2.6     2.4     2.2
    20. KFOG-FM       2.7     2.3     2.2     2.1
Bay Area Media News,


  1. Ratings Basement? 3 tenths of a point separate KGO and KCBS. CBS paid $90 mil for their FM, and fired about 30+ people when they dumped KFRC-FM and started to simulcast KCBS. KQED is mostly NPR, their "Live" show Forum is hosted by the very Middle aged Michael Krasny. BTW The KPIX suit was thrown out…Oh and Younger also translates to Cheaper which is what really drives personnel moves. I think KGO is to old too, but stop for a moment and ask how much live "local" radio is being done in SF. KCBS does a 20 min newscast 3 times an hour 24/7.
    KQED…Forum 2 hrs. KOIT should automate, since they already sound that way. KGO REALLY needs to make some changes, but it's still real radio. Not a network, not a cut up morning show from LA be happy it's here…even if only to pick on.
    Keep in mind it took KCBS, which is a very good radio station, over 30 years, the addition of an FM Station for $90 million dollars, the dismissal of an entire staff of people, and a change in ratings methodology to beat KGO…by 3 tenths of a point…In ratings numbers that don't count.

  2. If Kgo let go of Gene, Ronn and Ed, the station would probably get sued the way KPIX did. Apparently broadcasters can't put younger people on the air in order to reach a younger audience. That's illegal, if you believe those suing Kpix.

  3. It will take more than an FM signal to drag KGO out of the ratings basement. The station needs a wholesale change in its hosts. The concept of mixing news and talk, and having chatty happy talk news during the drive time, can still work. But you need hosts younger than methuselah (or at least voices and ideas younger than methuselah) to pull that off. Advertisers know what's going on. You don't hear a lot of grocery stores on KGO anymore because younger women are the target audience. But you do hear spots for "male enhancement" and nursing homes.

  4. What's remarkable is that Citadel and KGO's management haven't seen the writing on the wall and gone FM as well.

  5. KGO has such a tired line-up of middle-aged male hosts that it's no wonder they are slipping. How about a few more women and a little age diversity?

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