Chronicle radio columnist Ben Fong-Torres ran a tribute this morning to newsman Aaron Edwards, who had been on the air in the Bay Area for 45 years. Edwards died June 30 at age 90. He was probably best known as the morning newscaster during the Don Sherwood show on KSFO in the 50s and 60s. Edwards later became a reporter for KGO-TV.

Fong-Torres includes a quote from former KSFO broadcaster Jim Lange about one of the pranks Sherwood pulled on Edwards. “Don took a tape recorder and recorded a message — ‘Help! Help! I’m trapped in here! — and put it in the wastebasket in the newsroom. He timed it so it’d come on while Aaron was on the air. It came on, and he panicked. ‘There’s somebody in the wastebasket!’ Then Don went into the newsroom and threw a match into the basket. And when Aaron started laughing, he couldn’t stop.”

Today’s article includes several quotes from fellow broadcasters who felt that Edwards never got the recognition he deserved for his outstanding work. (Photo credit: Broadcast Legends)

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