“There is nothing just, fair or even close to decent in what Chronicle management has offered at the bargaining table,” writes Chron reporter and union leader Michael Cabanatuan (right). “Frankly, the company’s offer is an insult. And we should all feel insulted.”

He says the Guild wants:

    • More time off — workers gave up two weeks of vacation when Hearst was threatening to close the paper 
    • More money to keep health benefits intact 
    • More sick leave 
    • “Some kind of retirement plan (New employees get zip)”
    • “Some sort of pay raise.”

Cabanatuan said management has offered five more days of sick leave (what workers gave up in 2005) and little else.

Management is asking for an 18-month extension of the contract (which expired June 30) without any raises, according to a bulletin the Guild released last week. The Guild said it asked for a two-year contract that would include pay increases tied to business results.  (Photo credit: California Media Workers Guild website)

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  1. I don't doubt for a moment that ownership is offering a raw deal but what negotiating power does the union think it has in this economy? The Guild will huff and puff before caving in and eating another slice of humble pie.

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