Media blogger Rich Lieberman reports that comedian, commentator and radio host Brian Copeland has been picked by KGO ABC7 to host a weekday show at 3 p.m. Lieberman based his report on a reliable broadcast source, and he quotes Copeland as saying, “That’s an interesting rumor.” Copeland’s show would replace “View from the Bay,” but no date has been set for its start. A live audience is planned, according to Lieberman. Copeland was a regular for several years on “Mornings on 2,” he’s received great reviews for his stage show “Not a Genuine Black Man,” and he does a show on KGO-AM on Sundays from 9-11 a.m.

Update, July 29, 7 p.m.: The Chron followed Lieberman’s story and added that Copeland’s show will start Sept. 13. One touch from the old day, Copeland will do some of the commercials himself life. (The Chron didn’t credit Lieberman. Funny, isn’t it, how newspapers complain about bloggers stealing their stuff, but when newspapers do it …)

Bay Area Media News,


  1. I am a former employee and, in fact, I was a producer on The View from the Bay – from beginning to end – for its entire 4 years. For nearly 20 years prior, I was in L.A. producing a variety of programming for local, national and international markets. Not only am I not bitter, I have the greatest respect for the courage it takes to make the difficult choices and take the risks necessary for local television to remain a relevant and competitive vehicle in the delivery of media to consumers. Advancements in technology provide new alternatives to viewers every day, as well as playing a factor in how demographics and viewing habits are changing. While I would have loved VFTB to continue indefinitely, four years for any show – particularly in the 3PM time slot – is a success no matter how you look at it. I am extremely proud of what we accomplished with The View from the Bay as well as other programming we produced over the past 4 years. Like any show on television, 7Live undoubtedly faces challenges, and though change can sometimes be painful, change and challenges are inevitable and necessary – both as reminders of our responsibility to viewers and to the very survival of the industry. I have admiration and faith in my talented friends at KGO, and wish them great success in their new adventure.

  2. Copeland ought to hope unemployment remains high. How else to maintain an audience for a show designed to showcase a very minor media personality doing an exhausted format in a Death Valley time slot.

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